2019 – 2020: Introductory Theosophy: The Technique of Spiritual Life

ABOUT OUR INTRODUCTORY SERIES. – Open to all members of the public.

On the second Tuesday of each month, starting in October we will have an Introductory Theosophy meeting. This year the Board has chosen to study Clara Codd’s text The Technique of the Spiritual Life using the Study Guide compiled and written by Maria Parisen. 

We will have a facilitator for each of these meetings and they will use the study guide to lead a discussion. Although we recommend both the book and the study guide, Maria’s guide does supply us with a comprehensive overview of the teachings – she includes an excerpt from the book, follows up with her insights and then leaves us with questions to ponder over. 

Clara Codd’s book is 123 pages and can be purchased at the Krotona Bookshop. We will also have copies available for use during the meetings.


Chapter 9: The Method – May 12, 2020

Chapter 8: The Way – April 14th, 2020

Chapter 7: Sins and Virtues – March 10th, 2020

Chapter 6: The Mind – February 11th, 2020

Chapter 5: Training of the Emotions – January 14th, 2020

Chapters 3 & 4: The Significance of the Will and the Body – December 10th, 2019

Chapter 2: Understanding of Ourselves – November 12, 2019

Chapter 1: Introduction and Meditative Inquiry – Oct 8th, 2019