Video Lectures on Theosophy

Below you will find videos of talks that members of our Ojai Valley lodge have presented. These talks have taken place at our Theosophical Society Ojai Valley Lodge, at the Theosophical Society of America headquarters in Wheaton, IL, the Olcott Library, and at Theosophy New Zealand. We hope they provide you with a good understanding of Theosophy and give you a sense of the quality of speakers we have been blessed to have as members of our lodge.

There are also many more videos on the Theosophical Society Ojai Valley Lodge YouTube Channel! We invite you to visit it and subscribe.


Alone and Together: Welcoming an Emerging Wholeness – Maria Parisen

A Map of the Field of Consciousness – Pablo Sender

Calling and Covenant: Our Undivided Relations With All Life – Maria Parisen

Catching the Fire From the Flame of Truth – Elena Dovalsantos

Creative Meditation: Balancing Inner and Outer Action – Maria Parisen

Evolution of Spiritual Psychology – Lisa Love

How I Became a Theosophist – Maria Parisen

Introduction to Christian Centering Prayer – Doug Borgatti

Introduction to Theosophy – Pablo Sender

Karma and Epidemics – Pablo Sender

Liberal Catholic Church – Jim Voirol and Robert Ellwood

Mastering the Cyclic Nature of Existence – Elena Dovalsantos

Power of Thought and Its Use – Pablo Sender

Practical Theosophy: The Road to Spiritual Development Series – Pablo Sender

Science, Spirituality and the Secret Doctrine – Elena Dovalsantos

Theosophy & Christianity: Book of Job – Michele Sender

Theosophy & World Religions Introduction – Robert Ellwood