Buddhist? Really or So-Called? – Special Event

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SPECIAL EVENT – THURSDAY – April 16th  (lecture only 7:00 pm)

Cecil Messer

Drawing lifeblood from Dzongsar Rinpoche’s book, What Makes You Not a Buddhist, we will look at the criteria that justifies calling oneself a Buddhist. These criteria are based on four seminal teachings of the Buddha: all compounded things are impermanent; all emotions are pain; all things have no inherent existence; nirvana is beyond concepts. If you relate to these concepts, then you are a real Buddhist. Because each and every sentient being is already a buddha in becoming, if you live the truth of these concepts, you are a manifest buddha, an enlightened one.

Cecil is author of the recent book: Pathways to Enlightenment, a Journey of Discovery and Radical Transformation. He is a retiree of the NASA Space Program Science and Engineering Team and purports to be a dharma practitioner in his retirement. 

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