This Year’s Lodge Program

Dear members of our Lodge, past and present,

In an effort to strengthen our Lodge, we are planning a simpler program for the upcoming year that will nurture the Lodge back to its level of activity prior to the pandemic (while staying in accordance with California  health guidelines and Krotona requirements) as follows:

  • The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 5th.
  • Adopt a “study group” format with very few or no public speakers.
  • Hold two meetings per month instead of four.
  • Study traditional theosophical texts that help us discover our divine inner nature
  • Encourage meditative inquiries at the Lodge meetings.
  • Promote the involvement of all members.

As the Enlightened have demonstrated to humanity, at the deepest level, we all are the Self, pure Being, unbounded awareness, the essence of spirituality, which is our true origin. By studying as a group and engaging in profound research, we will favor the understanding of that reality. One simple, deep truth may forever change the course of a human being’s evolution. Theosophy reminds us of such gems; let us mine a few this year.

And now thy Self is lost in SELF, now Thyself unto THYSELF, merged in THAT SELF from which thou first didst radiate.

‒ The Voice of the Silence    

Sincerely and Most Fraternally,

Francis G. Mossé


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